hnn_core.law_2021_model(params=None, add_drives_from_params=False, legacy_mode=False)[source]

Instantiate the expansion of Jones 2009 model to study beta modulated ERPs as described in Law et al. Cereb. Cortex 2021 [1]

netInstance of Network object

Network object used to store the model used in Law et al. 2021.

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Model reproduces results from Law et al. 2021 This model differs from the default network model in several parameters including 1) Increased GABAb time constants on L2/L5 pyramidal cells 2) Decrease L5_pyramidal -> L5_pyramidal nmda weight 3) Modified L5_basket -> L5_pyramidal inhibition weights 4) Removal of L5 pyramidal somatic and basal dendrite calcium channels 5) Replace L2_basket -> L5_pyramidal GABAa connection with GABAb 6) Addition of L5_basket -> L5_pyramidal distal connection



Law, Robert G., et al. “Thalamocortical Mechanisms Regulating the Relationship between Transient Beta Events and Human Tactile Perception.” Cerebral Cortex, 32, 668–688 (2022).

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