hnn_core.calcium_model(params=None, add_drives_from_params=False, legacy_mode=False)[source]

Instantiate the Jones 2009 model with improved calcium dynamics in L5 pyramidal neurons. For more details on changes to calcium dynamics see Kohl et al. Brain Topragr 2022 [1]

netInstance of Network object

Network object used to store the Jones 2009 model with an impoved calcium channel distribution.

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This model builds on the Jones 2009 model by using a more biologically accurate distribution of calcium channels on L5 pyramidal cells. Specifically, this model introduces a distance dependent maximum conductance (gbar) on calcium channels such that the gbar linearly decreases along the dendrites in the direction of the soma.



Kohl, Carmen, et al. “Neural Mechanisms Underlying Human Auditory Evoked Responses Revealed By Human Neocortical Neurosolver.” Brain Topography, 35, 19–35 (2022).