hnn_core.viz.plot_spikes_hist(cell_response, trial_idx=None, ax=None, spike_types=None, show=True)[source]

Plot the histogram of spiking activity across trials.

cell_responseinstance of CellResponse

The CellResponse object from net.cell_response

trial_idxint | list of int | None

Index of trials to be plotted. If None, all trials plotted.

axinstance of matplotlib axis | None

An axis object from matplotlib. If None, a new figure is created.

spike_types: string | list | dictionary | None

String input of a valid spike type is plotted individually.

Ex: 'poisson', 'evdist', 'evprox', …

List of valid string inputs will plot each spike type individually.

Ex: ['poisson', 'evdist']

Dictionary of valid lists will plot list elements as a group.

Ex: {'Evoked': ['evdist', 'evprox'], 'Tonic': ['poisson']}

If None, all input spike types are plotted individually if any are present. Otherwise spikes from all cells are plotted. Valid strings also include leading characters of spike types

Ex: 'ev' is equivalent to ['evdist', 'evprox']

If True, show the figure.

figinstance of matplotlib Figure

The matplotlib figure handle.