hnn_core.viz.plot_laminar_lfp(times, data, contact_labels, tmin=None, tmax=None, ax=None, decim=None, color='cividis', voltage_offset=50, voltage_scalebar=200, show=True)[source]

Plot laminar extracellular electrode array voltage time series.

timesarray-like, shape (n_times,)

Sampling times (in ms).

dataTwo-dimensional Numpy array

The extracellular voltages as an (n_contacts, n_times) array.

tminfloat | None

Start time of plot in milliseconds. If None, plot entire simulation.

tmaxfloat | None

End time of plot in milliseconds. If None, plot entire simulation.

axinstance of matplotlib figure | None

The matplotlib axis

decimint | list of int | None (default)

Optional (integer) factor by which to decimate the raw dipole traces. The SciPy function decimate() is used, which recommends values <13. To achieve higher decimation factors, a list of ints can be provided. These are applied successively.

colorstr | array of floats | matplotlib.colors.ListedColormap

The colormap to use for plotting. The usual Matplotlib standard colormap strings may be used (e.g., ‘jetblue’). A color can also be defined as an RGBA-quadruplet, or an array of RGBA-values (one for each electrode contact trace to plot). An instance of ListedColormap may also be provided.

voltage_offsetfloat | None (optional)

Amount to offset traces by on the voltage-axis. Useful for plotting laminar arrays.

voltage_scalebarfloat | None (optional)

Height, in units of uV, of a scale bar to plot in the top-left corner of the plot.


Labels associated with the contacts to plot. Passed as-is to set_yticklabels().


If True, show the figure

figinstance of plt.fig

The matplotlib figure handle into which time series were plotted.